Special Events

Throughout the year, Women’s Ministry provides various special events and weekend retreats.

Women’s Night of Prayer and Worship
Monday, September 25, 7-8:30pm
Meet in the Chapel

Join us for an evening of prayer and worship.  We will be gathering to worship the Lord in song, and call out to Him in prayer for our families, government, church, and the world.  This is a wonderful evening of praise, prayer, and worship!

This is open to all women!  The cost is free, but please register to help us with planning purposes!



Bible Studies

Mount Pleasant Women’s Ministry puts a huge emphasis on the importance of daily bible study.  Various bible studies are offered throughout the year, and provide great ways to get into the Word, meet new people, and have insightful, meaningful small group conversation.

Fall Bible Studies

Sunday Morning

Beauty Out of Ashes
Led By: Amy Moran
Room 303 

Beauty out of Ashes is an ongoing, Sunday morning women’s Bible study. Come join women who enjoy studying the Bible and want to encourage each other in their walk with the Lord!  No registration, just stop on by!

Single Women’s Bible Study

Current Study: Armor of God
By: Priscilla Shirer
Begins: August 20
Led By: Lori Braun

Room 202 (through the end of July)

Room 304 (starting the first weekend in August)

This is an ongoing, Sunday morning, single women’s Bible study! Open to women in all ages and stages of life. Throughout the year, different topics and studies are covered. 

Starting on August 20, will be going through the Armor of God bible study. All day, every day, an invisible war rages around you. A cunning, devilish enemy seeks to wreak havoc on everything that matters to you – your emotions, your mind, your family, and your future. But his reign stops right here, right now. With you. The enemy always fails miserably when he meets a woman dressed for the occasion. A woman who is armed and dangerous. Join us as we develop an action plan for putting on our armor and developing a personalized strategy to secure victory against the enemy. 

Cost: $15


Sunday Evening

All Things New: A Study on 2 Corinthians
By: Kelly Minter
Led by: Debbie Henninger
Begins: September 10

Meets in the home of Debbie Henninger 

The city of ancient Corinth was much like our own modern-day cities: a melting pot of electrifying cultural experiences to be had, along with the myriad pitfalls of spiritual depravity. Still, Paul wrote to the church of God in Corinth.  God’s church is meant to thrive in any city and every circumstance in which we find ourselves. Paul’s letter is as timely as ever.
Over 8 sessions, Kelly Minter will lead you through the Letter of 2 Corinthians, exploring the anchoring truths of bearing treasures in jars of clay, meeting Christ through a pressing thorn, opening wide your heart in the midst of hurtful relationships, and what it means to embrace the lost and lonely as ministers of the new covenant. Each of us has a message to proclaim and live by: Because of Jesus the old has gone, the new has come

Cost: $15


Monday Evening 

Cast of Characters: Common People in the Hands of an Uncommon God
By: Max Lucado
Led by: Judy Eckart
Begins: 7-9pm

Meets in the home of Judy Eckart 

Common people ...

Story after story marked by scandal, stumble, and intrigue. Who are these people? They're the people of the Bible.  And they're us. We find our stories in theirs. We find our hope where they found theirs. In the hands of an uncommon God.

In the midst of them all ... hovering over them all ... is the hero of it all: God. Maker. Shaper. Rescuer of sinking hearts. God. Passing out high callings, second chances, and moral compasses to all comers and takers.

In this gathering of inspiring stories from his numbers best-selling books, master storyteller Max Lucado revisits some of his favorite biblical characters -- all of whom were very human and imperfect, just like us.

If God can find a place for them ... He might just have a place for us too.

Cost: $13


Tuesday Morning

Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story
By: Angie Smith
Led By: Katie Brown
Begins: August 22
7 Week Study
9:30-11:30 am
Room 301/302 

Have you ever wondered why the Bible is put together the way it is and how it all connects?

Seamless covers the people, places and promises of the Bible, tying them together into the greater story of Scripture.  Join us as we gain an overarching understanding of the fundamental layout and meaning of God's Word. Seamless helps replace insecurity that holds people back with clarity and helping them move forward with confidence in their understanding of Scripture. Each week of study features key information that ties all of scripture together into the seamless truth of the gospel message and is accompanied by maps, general Bible facts, and word studies. 

Cost: $15

Childcare available


Led By: Christy Brink
Begins: August 22
11 week study
9:30-11:30 am
Meets in the Chapel

The beginning of the church and its rapid growth…the unstoppable spreading of the gospel…the work of the Holy Spirit…and the men and women willing to die for the cause of Christ.  Are we women who would do the same?  Are we sharing the gospel of Christ in our home, neighborhoods, and our world?  Are we bold in our faith and passionate in what we believe?  Join us as we dive into these questions and study, verse-by-verse, the book of Acts.   There will be in-depth conversation, life application, and deep study into the Word of God. 

Cost: $5

Childcare available


By: Priscilla Shirer
Led by: Marvelle Ilko
Begins: August 22
7 week study
Room  305

Do you feel overwhelmed?   Inexperienced?  Intimidated?  Insufficient?  Too old?  Too young?  Too invisible?  Too afraid?

Gideon’s story involves far more than a wet fleece and a battle won with 300 soldiers.  His epic victory actually tells of one man’s struggle with his own weakness – and the One True God who transformed it into triumph.

If you have ever struggled with insecurity or had trouble accepting your limitations, this study will help you see how God can use your weakness to unlock His strength!

Cost: $15.00

Childcare available


Tuesday Evening 

Open Your Bible
By: Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams
Led By: Pam Eckart
Begins August 22
8 week study
Room 301/302 

Are you longing to hear from God, aching to know who He really is?  The beautiful truth is this – we can encounter the living God today and every day in the pages of His Word.

Whether you are a seasoned Bible reader or struggle to keep up with studying Scripture, Open Your Bible will leave you with a greater appreciation for the Word of God, a deeper understanding of its authority, and a stronger desire to know the Bible inside and out.

Cost: $17


1 Peter
By: Jen Wilkin
Led by: Leigh Lawson
Begins August 22
9 week study
Room 305 

Our inheritance is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading.  Peter, a man of faith and flaws and an eyewitness to the life of Christ, challenges us to look beyond our current circumstances to a future inheritance.  In 1 Peter, he shares concerns about big picture issues for the early believers, reminding them of the living hope they have in Christ.  Peter describes our true identity as believers and points us to humility and submission.  Join us as we walk through 1 Peter in this verse-by-verse study! 

Cost: $15


Thursday Morning 

Philippians: The Joys of Christian Friendship, Part 1
Led By: Beth Summitt, Nicole Fisher, Nesha Anderson, and Elizabeth Nevill
Begins: August 31
Meets every other week: August 31, Sept 14, Sept 28, Oct 12, Nov 2, Nov 16, Dec 7
Meets in the Chapel

Do you desire healthy Christian friendships?  Do you want to be a better Christian friend to others?   Join us for a verse by verse study through the book of Philippians, a Greco-Roman letter of friendship to the church of Philippi.  Paul speaks lovingly and personally to the Philippian church.  He had a unique and close relationship with its members.  The biblical principles and timeless truths within this book still apply today to our Christian relationships.  Christian friends are a blessing and have distinct qualities and responsibilities.  Through Paul’s relationship with the Philippians we will learn why we need Christian friends and how to be a good Christian friend.  The study will have light homework, live teaching, and small group discussion. 

Cost: $5

Childcare available


Thursday Evening

Entrusted: A Study of 2 Timothy
By: Beth Moore
Led By: Amber Hassett
Begins August 31
Meets every other week: August 31, Sept 14, Sept 28, Oct 12, Nov 2, Nov 16, Dec 7
Room 301/302

Final words can be compelling.  In Paul’s final letter, he charged Timothy, his beloved son in the faith, to not be ashamed to fulfill God’s call on his life.  In this study, you will be challenged to do the same. 

God has a plan for you.  He has entrusted you with the gospel message and has gifted you to carry it to the furthest reaches of this planet.  He’s calling you to be His mighty servant, willing to face whatever difficulty you encounter as you carry out His message.  Guard the deposit entrusted to you.

Cost:  $15


Mom’s Ministries

Sometimes being a mom can be difficult, isolating, and overwhelming.  We offer a couple of great options for moms to connect, be encouraged, and keep their focus on biblical motherhood.

Mom to Mom

This is a great place to meet new moms, have great conversation, and learn from older, seasoned mothers.  It includes both practical and spiritual instruction, small group discussion, and social interaction.  Great fun, practical advice, good food, and Godly encouragement.

Start Date: August 24, 2017

Meets: Every other Thursday morning, 9:30-11:30am in the chapel

Mom to Mom registration is officially closed.  If you would like to be placed on a wait list, please contact Christy Brink.

Women’s Interest Groups

Women’s Ministry provides many ways to get involved and to serve those around us.

Hands and Feet

Join the email list to be updated on ways to serve within the community!  Emails are sent periodically with various service projects.  There is no obligation to serve, but plenty of opportunities!  Contact Christy Brink to be added to the email list.

Stitches of Love

Do you love to knit or crochet?  Then join the Stitches of Love ministry where women meet to make handmade chemo caps and blankets for those experiencing loss and illness.

Chick Flicks

Join other women for a fun night of watching a movie, and then discussing how faith plays a part in that movie.  A relaxed environment to hang out with friends for a movie night and end with great conversation!


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