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Elementary Weekend Services

Our main purpose in Upper Bibleopolis is for kids to Grow up like Jesus! That is why we created and designed our children’s ministry around the life and lineage of Jesus. Starting in the Nursery (King David’s palace) to Preschool (Zebedee’s Fishing School) to Elementary (Jerusalem), our goal is for kids to have fun, build relationships, and learn about Jesus as they grow up.

Our weekend experience for kids in grades 1 through 4 happens in Upper Bibleopolis (the second floor of Bibleopolis). When you arrive for the first time, head to the Welcome Desk located on the first floor to register your children (Download a registration form). Kids from grades 1 through 4 meet together in the Temple for a time of worship, learning, and FUN! We have the same virtue, theme, and biblical lesson in all three weekend services to keep it interesting, engaging and relevant for the age groups. Following the large group time, we divide into themed out grade specific rooms for a time of small groups. During small groups, leaders help apply the lesson from the day into the kids lives through conversation and activities.

You may have lots of questions about what to expect on your first visit. Here are a few topics we hope will help answer some of those questions:

+ Security
Your child’s security is important to us. In order to pick up your child you will need to present your child’s matching tag, which you will receive when you check-in. If you lose your child’s corresponding tag, you will need to present identification at the Welcome Desk (located on the first floor of Bibleopolis) to receive a duplicate tag in order to receive your child.

+ Communion
Communion is the Lord's Supper and is to be observed repeatedly by those who are followers of Jesus as a symbol of what He did through the cross. (see Our Beliefs). We want the kids to have this opportunity too.
We will observe a time to focus on Jesus during each weekend service, and during this time communion will be available in the Upper Room (room 203, from the Temple). We will lead into this time by asking that only kids who have made a decision to follow Jesus (and observed this through baptism) and have received permission from their parents participate.
As always, we would love to help you answer any questions that you or your child have about this. You are always welcome to contact us, information at the bottom of this page.

+ Allergies
If your child has food or environmental allergies, attach an allergy alert sticker to the front of his/her shirt so team members are aware of the issue. If your child has an allergy severe enough to require an epi-pen, please let us know.

+ Special Needs
Jesus Friendship Club is available at our 9am service time to support your child if necessary. Kids with severe allergies, behavior challenges, physical limitations, or other disabilities are served by this awesome team based out of Room 106 in Lower Bibleopolis. Kids participating in Jesus Friendship Club that are of Elementary age join together in the Temple during the large group portion of the weekend service.


Starting Point for Grades 1-4
We offer an informal class monthly, usually on the second Sunday of the month, at 11:30am in our Leader Lounge, located to the left of the elevator in Upper Bibleopolis. At least one parent is required to join the student for this class. No RSVP needed. We’ll teach and discuss what the Bible has to say about becoming a Christian and all the practical aspects of when, what to bring, where and how to take the next step with baptism.


-Parent Cue. Sign up for our monthly parent cue newsletter that contains an overview of the series we will be in for the month. It contains the weekly Bible Text, bottom lines, and discussion questions for you to ask your kids as a follow up from the weekend services:: Subscribe here - - http://eepurl.com/b0lIyv


Get these dates

Game Night - This is a two hour event in Upper Bibleopolis were we invite students to bring a friend to church for a couple hours of intentional fun with leaders and peers.  We have a Game Night each semester, one for 1st/2nd Graders and one for 3rd/4th Graders.  

1st/2nd Grade Game Night - Saturday, February 25, 6-9pm in Upper Bibleopolis. No registration needed, just show up!

3rd/4th Grade Game Night - Friday, March 3, 7-9pm in Upper Bibleopolis. No registration needed, just show up!


BLITZ - Our fall Blitz has been postponed until next semester, so stay tuned in January for the May 2017 dates!




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