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Chris Philbeck

Simply - Generously - Joyfully

Dear MPCC Family & Friends,

I hope this email finds you doing well and enjoying the fall weather. I wanted to take a minute to write about a new sermon series that begins this weekend. The series is called "Simply - Generously - Joyfully" from I Timothy 6:17-19. In this series we'll be talking, once again, about what the Bible says with regard to money. Talking about financial stewardship (money management) is one of my favorite things to do for a couple of different reasons: First, because the Bible has so much to say about money and second, because money can be a dangerous thing when not understood and managed from a biblical perspective. In fact Paul says that the pursuit of money can cause people to "wander from the faith and pierce themselves with many griefs" (I Timothy 6:10). That's why I believe talking about money is one of the most important things we do each year.

One very important part of this years teaching on money will be the challenge for everyone in the church to bring the "whole tithe into the storehouse (church)" on the final weekend of the series (November 16/17). We did this last year as a part of our series "30 Days to a more Generous Life" and it was a great blessing to everyone who participated as well as the church. This will be a critical part of this years series because we are currently a little over $40,000 behind our weekly budgeted need to cover our operating needs as well as our debt retirement. At the beginning of October we were operating in the black then the two weeks of Fall Break came. Those two weeks affected three weekends of offering leaving us with our current deficit. I'm confident that we will be able to make up this need but not apart from your help. So, if you've been gone for one or more of the past three weekends then make sure you "catch up" with regard to your giving and make plans now to bring the "whole tithe into the storehouse" on November 16/17.

We've got some exciting ministry opportunities coming in the last two months of the year. Let's make sure that none of them are compromised by a lack of financial resources. I'm very thankful for the many generous people here at Mount Pleasant and I know we'll more than meet this current need.

Jesus cares,

Pastor Chris