06.13.19 - 07.11.19

Soul Care Registration

Please check all offerings below and contact Mary Kay Jones at mjones@mpccministry.com to register.

Soul Care Registration

Here are our upcoming offerings for the summer!

The Intimate Marriage (Married Couples)
June 16-August 4

Helps married couples enrich their marriage through engaging with scripture together. Topics covered are communication, family ties, forgiveness, sexual intimacy, walking with God together, and more. Participation requires consistent weekly attendance.

Men of Courage (Men)
June 17-August 19

Provides a careful look at God’s design for manhood, and how men can thoughtfully, and honestly engage their calling to reveal God’s strength in ways that require courageous action, honest faith, and bold love. Participation requires the purchase of a book and weekly reading assignments.
Cost of Materials: $20.

Prepare-Enrich for Couples (Engaged Couples)
June 5-August 14
6:30–8:30pm (Will not meet July 3)

Helps engaged couples prepare for marriage by identifying their strengths and growth areas. Topics explored include improved communication, conflict resolution, managing finances, personality differences, and more. Participation requires completing an online assessment and the purchase of a workbook.
Cost of Materials: $40.

Newly Married Couples: If interested in a Prepare-Enrich group for newly married couples, defined as first marriage of fewer than five years for both partners, please let us know.

Healing Care
June 6-August 29
9:3011:30am (Class will not meet July 4)

Provides a unique opportunity for individuals and/or couples to heal from deep wounds, false beliefs, damaged emotions, and dysfunctional behaviors in a Christ-centered, supportive, and confidential environment. Participation requires the purchase of a manual ($85) and completion of weekly assignments.

How to Renew Your Mind
July 11-August 29

Truth sets us free, and yet it can be difficult to apply truth to living. This class bridges the gap by equipping you to recognize and replace misbeliefs with truth. You will not only discover the truth that frees but also learn tools, techniques, and strategies for applying truth to life. Participation requires the purchase of a book and weekly reading assignments.
Cost of Materials: $15

Saturday, June 15
Soul Care Special Event – Dan Allender’s To Be Told
Cost: $40 and includes ticket, webcast, materials, and refreshments. Register HERE.

According to Dan Allender, To Be Told is “an invitation to truth-telling, healing lament, deep soulfulness, and lasting change.” Come explore the impact of the blessings and pain in your story and discover God’s redemptive work in your life.

Note: Attending this event will prove helpful to those in the Discovering Stories stage of their One Life relationship.

For details or to register please contact Mary Kay at