09.11.19 - 10.01.19

Soul Care Registration

Please check all offerings below and contact Mary Kay Jones at mjones@mpccministry.com to register.

Soul Care Registration

Here are our upcoming offerings for fall!

Sunday Mornings:

Christ and the Enneagram (Class)
September 8-November 10

Examines Jesus’ invitation to lose yourself in order to find your true self. Presents the personality system known as the Enneagram within the biblical framework. By discovering your personality type, you will embrace the truth about your God-given identity, uncover your deeper motivations and longings, while discerning between the self to lose and the self Jesus invites you to find. Materials: $15.

Emotionally Healthy Relationships (Class)
September 8-October 20

Equips participants with practical skills, communication tools, and proven strategies to break through roadblocks to improved relationships. Participation requires the purchase of a book and weekly reading assignments. Cost of Materials: $20.

Monday Evenings: 

Healing the Wounded Heart (Women-Group)
September 9-October 28

Offers hope for victims of rape, incest, molestation, sexting, sexual bullying, unwanted advances, pornography and more. With great compassion you will gently uncover the wounds that are left behind and begin walking the path toward wholeness and healing. Participation requires the purchase of a book and weekly reading assignments. Materials: $30.

Tuesday Evenings: 

The Journey Begins (Group)
September 10-November 12

Offers a community where the broken places in your life and story can be compared to the truth of God’s Word to establish a firm foundation for continued growth. Participation requires strict attendance, the purchase of a manual and completion of weekly assignments. Materials: $20.

How We Love Our Kids (Parents)
October 1-November 12

Shows parents (single, married) how to overcome predictable challenges that arise from the five love styles and helps parents to cultivate a secure and deep connection with a child of any age. The class is based on solid research and biblical principles. No materials required.

Thursday Evenings:

The Road to Forgiveness
September 12-November 14

Helps you practice forgiveness that is honest. This unique experience is grounded in scripture and supported by forgiveness research. Whatever your hurt, wherever your journey has led so far, you can heal. This study will show you God's path to an unburdened heart -- healthy, whole, and free. Materials: $20.

Prepare-Enrich for (Married Couples, 7+ years- Group)
September 12-November 14

Helps married couples enrich their marriage by identifying their strengths and growth areas. Topics explored include improved communication, conflict resolution, managing finances, personality differences and more! Participation requires completing an online assessment and the purchase of a workbook. Materials: $40 total/couple.

MEN – Save the Date :: February 21 & 22, 2020
Redeeming Masculinity Weekend Workshop

For details or to register please contact Mary Kay at