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One of the challenges we set before our groups is to get together outside of their usual meeting times.  On paper, this looks like the call to have one social outing each season and one service project per calendar year. 

What is this exactly?  Well a social outing can be:

  • Dinner together (at home or out)
  • Going to a movie
  • Putt-putt

Other ideas for "theme" nights for your group:

  • Bring your favorite cereal to share 
  • Progressive dinner (appetizers at one house/restaurant, main course at another, dessert at another) 
  • Picnic at the Park 
  • BBQ/Fire pit 
  • Bring doughnuts from different area shops 
  • Board game night 
  • Bring different flavored Oreos for a taste test

…I think you get the idea.

When it comes to the service projects we have a number of opportunities available because of our IMPACT Center as well as mission trips themselves. 

Participating in these activities is another way for the group to grow together and make memories that not only stand the test of time but that will carry on into eternity.


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