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Group Leader Toolbox Attendance and Emailing Instructions

For Attendance:
- Click here for the Group Leader Toolbox (where you’ll take attendance). You can save this as a link/bookmark on your phone and take attendance in group so you don’t forget!
- Create a login (if you haven’t already)…once you have created a login for the first time, you need to confirm your account through the email you’ll receive before your login will work.
- Log in
- Click Group Leader Toolbox tab on the top right
- Click on your group name link
- Click on the occurrences tab
- At the bottom of the screen, change the page size to 100
- Click on the group name link of the date you want to record
- Click on apply filter to show everyone in the group
- Click the box under attended for the folks that were present
You don’t have to save…it will do that automatically

A few specific instructions:
- Please DO NOT "generate multiple occurrences" (the blue swirly arrow).
- We ask that you only record the normal weekly group meetings for the season or if you do a fun activity instead of meeting that week. Don’t worry about recording dates in addition to those!
- If you would happen to meet a different night of the week other than your normal night, you can enter attendance on the normal night for that week
- If you do not meet, please delete the occurrence date by using the red trash can (under the main occurrence tab where all the season dates show), so that we don’t think that you just forgot to enter attendance for that week.
- If there are people still listed in your group who are inactive, let Amber know and she will inactivate them.

For Group emails:
(You are able to send group emails through the Group Leader Toolbox.)
- Click on Group Members tab
Make sure all boxes are checked under member role and that male/female/unknown/active only are all checked. If active only is not checked inactive people formerly in your group will receive the email.
- Scroll to the bottom of the Group Member tab page, and click the envelope
- Leave bulk message unchecked
- Send email