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Greg Fennig

Pray for Eve Moore (Category: Health and Healing)

Eve is a Change for a Dollar recipient and has a genetic liver disease and has a failing liver. After months and months of tests and hospitalization, she I now on the liver transplant list. This is a huge praise. Now we need to pray for her as she waits for a liver match. Pray that she remains strong physically and mentally. Thank you.

Received: October 6, 2019

Janet Prather

Pray for Kathy Clark (Category: Sympathy)

Please pray for Kathy Clark and family, for the peace that passes all understanding. Her husband, Timothy Clark, unexpectedly went to be with the Lord on Thursday, October 3. Prayers for comfort, ever-strengthening faith, and divine help with all practical matters would be greatly appreciated.

Received: October 4, 2019

I prayed for this

Prayed for 1 time.

Tammy A Sauve

Pray for Tammy Sauve (Category: Health and Healing)

PLEASE pray that God will take away my anxiety, panic attacks, and heart palps....I have been disabled from these infliction's, I cannot work anymore, can't drive anywhere, can hardly eat or even make myself something to eat, have been bedridden, it's like torture, its horrible, I am scared please help me by keeping me in your daily prayers...I handicapped from this illness....please please keep praying for my healing amen

Received: October 2, 2019

Marcetta Helton

Pray for Yarnell family (Category: Sympathy)

Please keep Dee Yarnell and family in your prayers as her husband, Roger passed away yesterday.

Received: October 1, 2019


Pray for Anonymous (Category: Health and Healing)

Please pray that God would give me peace as I trust Him and wait for things to improve for me socially. Pray also that God would deliver me from depression and restlessness and give me supernatural peace. Finally pray that God would help me in repentance/faith and renew my desire for Him.

Received: October 1, 2019


Pray for Our friends at the IMPACT Center (Category: Other)

Anonymous: Please give Diane Dusain strength to have with moving; that my son will not slip back into drugs; Becky & Brittany Bradford for healing & guidance; that the GM strike to be over soon & all the families affected by it; Judy Potter stage 4 kidney failure; Angela Schroer hip surgery infection and almost died; my brother is a single father, disabled, needs a place to sleep and take care of his son; Michael Cook deliverance; Joe, Darlene & Christina Lane, CPS has grandchildren for 1yr; Joyce Brents; homeless & no food; salvation & health for grown children; for everyone in my family; for my & my older sister; Lela to get off drugs; for me for just blessing in health, strength & financial; I went on this trip as a volunteer to help myself get closer to God and get away from everything else at home. I hope this love for the Lord continues on; my relationship with God & drama at school; health for myself, Jean, Jennifer, Debbie, Ruth, Connie. For my son’s domestic life right now, my son & grandson’s safety; for our President and the coming up election; for me and my family that things get better; for my co-worker that her baby & fiancé would be drawn to Christ and receive Him as Lord & Savior. That I can fix something on my mower for it to work today to cut grass that’s very long. God’s wisdom in some other decision I need to make. Thank you so much for prayers, sermon, encouragement & food; for smoothly having baby; for my family to get closer to God, physical & financial; Thank you for all the help. For blessings over our family. Thank you that Destiny has been clean and well, for her continued recovery; my husband, Keith McDowell has stage 4 cancer.

*Vera Murrell - fell yesterday, for my tail bone, eyes & kidneys. For Mary Jennison that has pneumonia.

*Lyman Smith - for my back.

*Terri and Debbie - for me to get my life with God, my big sister Debbie Howell had a mild stroke. Bless you that prays for us, much love.

*Sandra Green - For Aunt Joan, Timothy and Darryl. That I have strength to walk. Thank you for prayers for us and for you guys who help. May God bless each and everyone of you.

*Judy Thompson - my mother Mary Jennison is very sick. For me as I am still struggling with feeling worthy of living.

*Jeanne Spivey - for my family, my kids, grandkids & their spouses. For healing my body that this cancer will never return, for the homeless families, our President & Vice-President in Jesus Holy name. Amen

*Helen Stratton - I’m having a hard time right now sleeping in a recliner, have black mold in my home and I can’t go home.

*Yvonne Bollinger - for my brother Walter Bollinger in the hospital in Florida. Possibly liver cancer. Will get results from the biopsy Sept. 19 in the afternoon. Thank you.

*Hillary Merfeld - for my mom as she goes through a divorce and any siblings. That she finds a house to live in her price range and finds a job she can work from home.

*Heather Cummings - Moving into my first home and in desperate need of furniture.

*Angie Silva - my husband William go shot, paralyzed and been seriously sick, bed sore & infection.

Received: September 28, 2019

Angela Marriner

Pray for Angela and Family (Category: Personal)

I was severely injured at work a year ago and have been unable to return. I learned today that I am being released from medical care but I have no job to go back to. Workers Comp has not started a settlement yet and I do not know when it will be finalized. I have no way to pay my bills or rent now. Please pray that everything is worked out quickly and that I find a job that I am able to do.

Received: September 23, 2019

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