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Sermon videos prior to the What If series are not currently available.

At the Movies

Spirit of America

A Father's Love

When Trouble Comes

How to Do Something Great for God

Last Man Standing

Serve Those Around You

What Do You Expect?

What Is In the Box?

Starting Now

Peace Everlasting

Six Miles from Jesus

It's a Christmas Miracle

How Not to

Talk to an Angel

God's Plan for

Financial Freedom

Remain in Christ



Toxic Talk

Choose to Lose


Thank God for Grace

Back to School Weekend

Patriotic Weekend -

The Example of Christ



The Functional Family


The Man Who

Would (Not) Be King

The Quest

State of the Church 2013

Walk Like Jesus


Nativity Stories

Loving and Hating

Simply Generously Joyfully

Day After Day

Life Skills

What If....

The Story

30 Days to a More Generous Life

Did He Just Say That?

Count On It

Red Mile


The Good Steward

Questions & Answers


Shepherd Speak

The Pursuit of Happiness

Where is the Hope?

Home of the Brave:

4th of July Celebration

Father's Day:

The Heart of a Man

Mothers Day:

The Heart of a Woman

My Savior Lives
(Palm Sunday & Easter)

A New Command

Special Guests